The acceptance rate of mobile devices, particularly smartphones, has been extremely high in the past 10 years to the point we can now consider these devices a large source of technological development and business opportunity. Mobile applications are one of the main reasons these devices are so attractive to both the end user market as well as the business market


Every business should be thinking about building mobile applications today.  It’s not a fad or a passing trend.  It’s customer service.


By offering a free mobile application to your customers you are differentiating yourself from your competitors who aren’t thinking this way.  You're saying to your customers:  “Once you’re part of my community you’ll be treated specially.  You can access us anytime from anywhere with our mobile app and get whatever information you need.  Because we value your time.”  


You can use the mobile application to provide special incentives to my customers.  And even if the mobile application is not widely adapted, you are at the very least giving some of your customers who prefer to do business this way a process that’s desirable for them.  


It’s all about choices.  And ease.  And time.  Customers appreciate that.